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  • Sorgenfri Sylt

    Durable, with a love of detail and absolutely charming - Sorgenfri Sylt turns fashion into a Scandinavian attitude to life. Inspired by nature, beach, sand, sea, waves, forests and beautiful gardens, the Sorgenfri designers conjure up delightful pieces in every season. Whether for a holiday by the sea, a family celebration or your everyday life - discover the Scandinavian fashion from Sorgenfri Sylt and wear a carefree look.

  • Lykka du Nord

    Lykka is the new sustainable collection from Sorgenfri. With its fresh designs and colourful exclusive prints, the brand focuses on fair manufacturing and products made in Europe. Dresses, skirts and shirts are produced in a material mix of 47.5% bamboo, 47.5% cotton and 5% elastane.

Scandinavian womens' fashion

Hello, Scandinavian beauties!

It's not hard to love the Scandinavian lifestyle. The light attitude to life meets closeness to nature and a heart for detail. Sorgenfri Sylt transforms Nordic light-heartedness into Scandinavian fashion - absolutely carefree! Inspired by the island of Sylt and the Scandinavian countries, beautiful Nordic designs await you here. The view wanders from the dunes over the sea, wind blows through your hair and the horizon seems endless. The colours and shapes of the water, the picturesque landscape and the scent of flowers are reflected in the skirts, dresses, shirts, cardigans, coats and matching accessories of Sorgenfri Sylt. Fashion from Sorgenfri is more than just fabric. Scandinavian fashion is full love, full freedom, full feeling and beauty. Discover them now!

Scandinavian fashion - the most beautiful onion look in the world!

Fashion must please you. It should flatter you and make you happy. How do you like it when fashion feels great, comes from sustainable production and is high quality at the same time? Sorgenfri Sylt makes Scandinavian fashion for conscious women. Practical, useful, individual and beautiful fashion from the sea. Every season has its own charm for Sorgenfri. So even the darkest season can look wonderfully charming! If you are not able to estimate the weather on the coast, the right choice of clothes is essential. Sorgenfri Sylt shows you the most beautiful and charming onion look in the world. So wear maritime dresses with long cardigans, wind-proof coats and matching scarves. Every layer that you wear, you wear with pride and well-being. Everything fits together perfectly. Whether in winter, spring, summer or autumn - Sorgenfri Sylt always provides a sight that enchants.  Show yourself in a casual beach dress, with the romantic shirt-skirt combination in a floral pattern or classic, simple and maritime. With Sorgenfri Sylt, be prepared for every change in the weather - and in style!

How is Scandinavian fashion made?

Our creative team is inspired by the city and country, but especially by the coast. We develop our own prints and always look for innovative solutions. We are always looking for the best fabrics. We design cuts for every woman and develop durable clothing with our brand. We are a colourful team of every age group and we value every word - both from our own ranks and from our customers. Your wishes and suggestions are very important to us. Fashion grows through people and through exchange. Cheerfulness and lightness are in our blood. We make Scandinavian fashion from conviction. We are Sorgenfri Sylt and are happy to see the new collection on you. Take a look at our skirts, look at the shirts and fall in love with a coat made of waterproof material. Discover your favourite colours. Find your style. Order ladies' fashion from Sorgenfri Sylt. We are happy to advise you. Nice that you are here.

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